“A huge thank you for saving my jeep so I could get back to Boston! I cannot believe that I was able to get a new drive shaft on a Friday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. AMAZING!! Thank you so much for helping me out. I wish you would expand and come to Boston. I know who to call when I am having car issues while home in Syracuse. Thanks again!”
“Dear Walt and all ‘the Guys’, I can’t believe how great my 10 year old van looks after you all worked so hard to restore it! You are truly automotive “nip and tuck” magicians. Let’s plan to do it again on the van’s 20th anniversary. Thank you so much.”
Mary Beth
“Walt-CJ-Dave and Crew

Thank you for your service and help with our car. Indeed it was and is appreciated. Good health-peace”
Mary & Joe
“Walt-Dave & Crew Thank you so very much for taking such good care of us. I appreciate the ride that was offered to Mary. We rely on the car as we are a one car household, and it is wonderful that you are so competent. We are treated so special.”
Mary & Joe
“On Wed., March 29 I experienced car trouble around the corner from your service center. I drove to “Walt’s” and asked the manager to look at my car which he did, very willingly. He took his time and fixed my car so that I could drive it home. He would not take money for his services. I don’t remember the names of the 2 men who helped me, but wanted you to know how much I appreciated their patience and helpfulness.”
Jane, Utica, NY

I would like to truly thank you, and all the staff @ Walt’s for doing an absolute amazing job on repairing my husband’s GMC Sierra, and working so great with us. His truck looks wonderful, and we can’t be more appreciative of all you did for us, and how quickly the repairs were done.

We’re completely satisfied with how efficient you all were, and look forward to continuing business with you.”
Ginny & Lenny Paradise
“We are from Ottawa Canada and were on our way to West Virginia. We had a problem with our wheel bearings and were calling ahead to Syracuse to try to get someone to fit us in. Walt’s was the only place in town that agreed to take us and when we got there it was clear that they didn’t do it because they were short of work. The place was packed. Surprisingly, not only did they fit us in, but they took a look at our van right away. Super impressed with how they did the testing to diagnose and confirm the problem. Everybody, from the mechanics to the desk staff, was sincerely friendly and the place was extremely service-oriented. They obviously took pride in their level of service and customer satisfaction. In the end they were able to make the repair in a little over an hour and at a very decent price. Thank you to all the folks there!

I really wish I lived closer to Syracuse so I could take my car problems to Walt’s. As it stands, I am even considering driving the 3 and a half hours when I have a major car repair just so that I can go to a place that I can trust and that provides that level of service. If you live close to Syracuse you probably already know of this place, but if you don’t, I obviously highly recommend it.

PS The BBQ place (Dino BBQ) across the street is a fantastic place to wait for your car to be fixed as well! Given the great service at Walts and the great food at Dino’s we felt we had the best possible outcome of a bad situation!”
Mike Keith
“Had a wonderful experience with them they’re very honest very knowledgeable and very reasonable. My SU daughter had her oil light warning flash on even after getting an oil change at some weird place. I live in Pittsburgh and am mechanically inclined. I called around and asked the right people to recommend an excellent shop that would see my daughters car the same day. WALTS was highly recommended and yes! was quick to find the problem which was the oil pressure sensor (I had suspected this) Walts changed the sensor, oil and filter at a fair cost…problem sloved! daughter drives home safely for Thanksgiving. Thank you again Walts.”
Christopher Gonzalez
“Not much to say about Walt’s but what I do have to say is positive. Got my inspection done here. Called to check availability and they made time for me that very day. Service was quick and staff members were courteous. I got my inspection done at a fair price and didn’t have to wait around all day to have it done. No complaints here! I’d go back for other car services if I needed them.”
Donald Moore M.D.
“Walt’s has to be one of the best automotive shops in CNY. Every time I have called to make an appointment they are always so friendly and accommodating. They are able to get to the vehicle quickly and are always fair!”
Ryan Pyland
“To: Walt, Dave, CJ, and EVERYONE who worked on the dreaded Black Jeep I know the repair was a huge undertaking with many resources used. I was very impressed with your expertise, professionalism, and that you didn’t give up on me! Thanks again.”
“Thank you for the excellent job all of you did repairing our jeep on July 18-19 last week. I have prayed that the Lord will bless each of you 1000 fold for the kindness and generosity of spirit you showed us. Everyone was courteous, friendly, and efficient. Your business is an excellent asset to the Syracuse area. We will try to “pay it forward” for the wonderful way you helped 2 strangers in your city. May you each be blessed each time your kindness is paid forward…thank you for a job well done.”
Ed & Beth
“To Everyone at Walt’s,

Thank you o much for helping me out! It can be scary buying your first car, and having it looked over by you really helped put me at ease with my decision. Thanks again!”
Brigid (proud owner of an ’05 Hyundai Sonata)
“Dear Walt,

A million thanks for the work you did on my car. I don’t know of another place like Walt’s Auto. You sure have the best working for you! My car looks and runs like new. What a mess I was in. You performed a miracle in a week. Thanks again & again.”

What an uplifting experience it was to have the car serviced this week. Your sons and staff were so accommodating and professional. Thank you for all your consideration.”
Mary & Joe
“Walt’s was great! I was from out of town, with no appointment they looked at my car, gave me advice and a fair price. They didn’t try to give me a long list of problems, just noted something that needed to be done but not immediately. Highly recommend, very friendly staff as well.”
Maureen Boutin
“They are absolutely the best. They don’t try to talk you into doing work that doesn’t need to be done. They get it right the first time. They sometimes give you little breaks on the bill when you are a repeat customer. The guys and girls are friendly and helpful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The best in town, by far.”
Matt Van Ryn
“My entire family have been able to rely on Walt’s for over 20 years! I’m very confident in their mechanics and how honest they evaluate our vehicles. My childrens safety is as important to them as it is to me, and am extremely grateful for the outstanding services they continue to provide us. Peace of mind is garunteed, and in my opinion that is priceless! Huge thanks to Dave and the staff in being there for us, especially when are backs are against the wall!!!!!! 5+ stars”
Jeffrey Terek
“This is the BEST Auto Shop in Syracuse! Fair prices, quality work and within walking distance of 95% of the companies downtown. ”
Sarah Testa
“Thank you so much for the wonderful service that you provided for my belobed Jeep. I know we had a few hiccups along the way but the customer service was incredible. Larry drove my car to my house and called to let me know every detail of my car. I really appreciate it. The staff was friendly & always on my side. Walt’s Automotive is an A++ in my book. Thanks again!”
Megan B.